1. 01. The wise…

     The wise will go upstairs,
    undo buttons and hair,
    fold themselves
    within the covenant of flesh
    and make love
    wilder than any weather.

  2. 02. It is very easy…

    “It is very easy to manipulate people when all you give them is information. But when you teach people to start trusting their bodies, they become dangerous. Be dangerous.”

    — Elliott Hulse

  3. 03. Our poems are

    Our poems are what the gods couldn’t make without going through us.

    Dean Young, The Art of Recklessness: Poetry as Assertive Force and Contradiction (Graywolf Press, 2010)
  4. 04. Language is the element of definition, the defining and descriptive incantation..

    “Language is the element of definition, the defining and descriptive incantation. It puts the coin between our teeth. It whistles the boat up. It shows us the city of light across the water. Without language there is no poetry, without poetry there’s just talk. Talk is cheap and proves nothing. Poetry is dear and difficult to come by. But it poles us across the river and puts a music in our ears. It moves us to contemplation. And what we contemplate, what we sing our hymns to and offer our prayers to, is what will reincarnate us in the natural world, and what will be our one hope for salvation in the What’sToCome.”

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