1. 01. introducing: Gertrude & Jemima

    Gertrude & Jemima is a poetry music duo by myself and UK poet & drummer Remi Graves. We’re exploring the relationship between words, music and silence through experimental and improvised sound, and interactive performances that use the digital space as a way to engage with our audience.

    Our first performance is I Am The Archive, at the conference Archives Matter: Queer Black Feminist Perspectives on the Archive. The conference is hosted by the Centre for Feminist Research at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

    Date: Friday June 3, 2016
    Time: 8.45am – 9.15pm
    Venue: Goldsmiths College, University of London
    Entry: Free, but registration is essential

    Images: Amelia Shivani Hansard

  2. 02. Here To Listen tours Westminster Libraries

    Here To Listen is an interactive poetry installation that invites people to share a story, a question, something that has moved or puzzled them and have these captured and responded to, with a poem written in the moment.

    Poems are places of deep listening – both for the writer and the reader. In this interactive poetry installation, I aim to give people the chance to experience that uninterrupted, deep listening in a tangible way. The installation is inspired by environmentalist Dr John Francis’ 17 years of silence, and draws on my auto-ethnographic study, “Stepping into Silence”, in which I stopped speaking for 12 days, to explore how this might impact my writing practice. Building on this, and inspired by Marina Abramovic’s work The Artist is Present, for Here to Listen, I will once again stop speaking, this time with the aim of creating spaces in which people are able to share without interruption or judgment.

    In December, I took the installation to three libraries in the borough of Westminster as part of the Westminster Culture Network’s Made in Libraries programme. 

    St John’s Wood Library
    Friday December 4: 9.30am – 8pm
    Saturday December 5: 9.30am – 5pm

    Victoria Library
    Monday December 7: 9.30am – 8pm
    Tuesday December 8: 9.30am – 7pm

    Westminster Reference Library
    Tuesday December 15: 9.30am – 7pm
    Wednesday December 16: 10am – 7pm

    How The Installation Works

    I am seated at a table with a second, open, chair. People are invited to sit down and simply have someone listen to them. There are no restrictions on what you may share – it could be a true story or fiction, it could an idea or question, something you saw or read that day, something you overheard – anything that you want to talk about. I listen without speaking. I do not ask clarifying questions, or offer advice, or even speak in agreement.

    After each person leaves, I write short poems – either one-liners, a few stanzas or full-length poems – in response to what they have said, and what I have heard. These are instinctual responses, rather than crafted poems; a way of capturing the stories. Then, I peg the poems to lines strung up around the table and room, as a visual representation of the stories.

  3. 03. Poetic Diasporas, Goldsmiths College

    In celebration of its 33rd anniversary, the Centre for Caribbean Studies at Goldsmiths, College will re-launch as the Centre for Caribbean and Diaspora Studies. The event includes an inaugural lecture by Professor Joan Anim-Addo, entitled: ‘Groundings: Visionaries, Books, Bridges and Feeling the Rain’.
    As part of the celebration there will be an exhibition reflecting on the centre’s history as well as
    Poetic Diasporas –  an exhibition by 14 black poets at Goldsmiths, University of London. The exhibition features Professor Joan Anim-Addo, Raymond Antrobus, Dean Atta, Malika Booker, Rachel Long, Keith Jarret, Anthony Joseph (Pictured), Dr Olumide Popoola, Jacob Sam-La Rose, Toni Stuart, Michelle Tiwo, Ardashir Vakil, Indigo Williams and Belinda Zhawi.
    Launch and Exhibition Opening
    Date:  Thursday October 15 (exhibition runs until Wednesday October 28)
    Venue: Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre, Goldsmiths University of London
    Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
    The event is free but booking is essential, you can do so here.
    PHOTO CREDIT: E Hamben
  4. 04. Art Makes Children Powerful #wordstoliveby #walkinglondon #walkinglondonbridge

    Art Makes Children Powerful #wordstoliveby #walkinglondon #walkinglondonbridge

  5. 05. THIS. #octagon #poetry

    THIS. #octagon #poetry

  6. 06. Friday soundtrack, some SA Afrikaans hip hop by the one and only @jitsvinger #poetry #hiphop #SAmusic #Afrikaaps

    Friday soundtrack, some SA Afrikaans hip hop by the one and only @jitsvinger #poetry #hiphop #SAmusic #Afrikaaps

  7. 07. @jtaylortrash performs I Am The Last Poet Standing at #nationalpoetryday at @southbankcentre #livelikeapoet #poetry #london

    @jtaylortrash performs I Am The Last Poet Standing at #nationalpoetryday at @southbankcentre #livelikeapoet #poetry #london

  8. 08. @iamgreeds doing a smashing job of hosting #nationalpoetryday at @southbankcentre #livelikeapoet #poetry #london

    @iamgreeds doing a smashing job of hosting #nationalpoetryday at @southbankcentre #livelikeapoet #poetry #london

  9. 09. @robertmontgomeryghost at @southbankcentre for #nationalpoetryday #livelikeapoet #poetry #london

    @robertmontgomeryghost at @southbankcentre for #nationalpoetryday #livelikeapoet #poetry #london

  10. 10. @malikabooker at @southbankcentre for #nationalpoetryday #poetry #london #livelikeapoet #actlikeapoet

    @malikabooker at @southbankcentre for #nationalpoetryday #poetry #london #livelikeapoet #actlikeapoet

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